About Us

Acu-Blast is a veteran-owned commercial and industrial facility cleaning company that operates with a focus on precision, attention to detail, quality and service. We know how important your facility’s appearance is. Put your trust in us to deliver superior results every time.

We employ a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals that perform their jobs with military-like professionalism, demeanor and thoroughness. We’ll ensure the job is done right, with no mistakes, the first time— so you can feel confident that your facility is well taken care of.

We look at each project in a customized way – and step one is always doing the necessary background work. From potential environmental concerns such as sewage, water and drainage issues to customized scheduling based on your convenience and hours of operation - we put our knowledge, experience, flexibility and process to work for you to get you the services you need in a timely and safe manner.

We make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re also passionate about our environment.

We pride ourselves on being green and doing our part to protect the Earth.

Acu-Blast uses only products that are designated as safe for the environment. We inform your community’s water and sewer department of any new jobs prior to the start date of the project and we ensure the proper steps are taken to eliminate oil, harmful debris and other toxins from entering drains, waterways and the earth.

If there is any instance in which we have questions or concerns, we go the extra step to hire consultants to test and assure us that whatever we are draining is indeed harmless and safe.

The world is ever changing. We believe continuing education on best practices, products and issues concerning environmental safety is imperative in our industry. Acu-Blast maintains communication with the EPA for news on any new legislation or implementations, and we work on obtaining certifications through various institutions to ensure we are as environmentally safe and green as possible.